CertainTeed Ridge Vent

CertainTeed® Ridge Vent

CertainTeed® Ridge Vent Filtered proves that outstanding beauty and performance can be combined. Less than an inch in height, this molded, high-impact copolymer shingle-over ridge vent permits capping of the ridge with shingles like the rest of the roof. CertainTeed Ridge Vents combined with sufficient intake vents, such as CertainTeed Intake Vent, are the most efficient and effective systems you can install.

CertainTeed® Ridge Vent Filtered installs on the peak of the roof, allowing exhaust ventilation all along the roofline.

The Benefits of Roof Ventilation allows outside air to flow naturally upward and out of attic. Ridge Vents promote a cooler, drier attic and help prevent moisture from becoming trapped in insulation, structural wood, shingles and roof deck. CertainTeed Ridge vents also help prevent rotting, mildew, drywall damage, peeling paint and warped siding. The products provides year-round performance for consistent ventilation without energy consumption.

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